I am certainly no theologian, so I am really asking you. Whenever I ask you a question, you can feel free to give me your honset opinion, I will take your thoughts with a grain of salt. What exactly will heaven be like? Why should we all try so hard to be holy? Why should we work our whole life to attain something we really don’t understand? I know some of the saints saw heaven and hell during different visions. Teresa of Avila and Maria Faustina both were able to see the afterlife for what it is, but something tells me you have to see it with your own eyes to really get it.

If heaven is a wonderful and special place, but it is away from our loved ones, how special could that really be? The smell of my sleepy baby cuddling my neck, the jazzy hugs I get from my big girls, my sons laughter when I flip him upside down, the peace that fills my entire brain, like a warm slice of fresh bread when my honey is finally home from work for the night. Can there be a better place?

Hard to imagine. Would it be fair to resort back to Christ’s words in Matthew 13, and just say the Kingdom of Heaven is like a Pearl of Great Price? It must be hard for most of us mamas to imagine anything that we would be willing to sell all of our personal belongings for, maybe we feel that way sometimes about sleep, but truly, all our earthly possesions at this point are so numerous, it would take years to gather it all up again.

Oh Lord, make me holy, make me like you. Help me to understand your greatness, and give me a heart like your heart. Make me long to be with you in heaven. Give me understanding.

One Comment on “Heavenly……WHAT?

  1. i once had the pleasure to be in the same room with a dying person… the Lord told me to pray for that person, the divine mercy chaplet and to add onto it one mystery of the rosary….i felt the Lord telling me, by the time i am done with my prayers, she will be able to pass away…. so i sat on my chair at the end of her bed and prayed…. the further in my prayer i got, the brighter the room seemed to get… it felt like it started to get crowed in the room, although there was noone visible besides me and the woman…. at the same time i felt happier by each word i prayed and i couldn´t stop myself from starting to smile… when i said the final amen, the last breath left her body and i felt a joy which i haven´t felt ever before in my life, and even now, since i delievered 6 babies, and knwo the joy of a healthy child after birth in my arms, the blessing of the moment of being given to my husband in marriage and countless other earthly joys i was able to gather so far in my life, none of these joys combined can compare what i felt in this one single moment of death. it was as if the doors of heaven were open and a rocket of joy shoot right trough me, a heavenly vaccum sucked out her life straight into the heavens and i had to hold onto the chair, so i wouldn´t be sucked up myself…. the joy lasted for a while and slowly faded away…. miraclously…. heavenly beautiful.
    that was the moment when i fell in love with death, and i knew, nothing in this life, nothing on earth could hold me back from wanting to belong to that place….. nothing here on earth could ever be as bad, when we finally be gifted with a true risen life in heaven.

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