Check Out Small Town Simplicity

  Check Out Small Town Simplicity!!!

My dear friend Lydia has a gift with words and all things crafty! I am so blessed and thankful to be friends and sisters in the Lord with this beautiful MAMA! I just loved her recent post about beauty. She wrote about those of us who detest our belly skin hanging obtrusively over our belts, or the handfuls of back fat rolling around our sides. She said something I’ve never heard. She said that when we compare our mom-bodies to our pre-pregnancy bodies, it’s like comparing ourselves to our prepubescent body. It’s just not the same body! You are a mom now, and that is a sacred, special thing. Your body is forever changed! And thank God for these amazingly beautiful people He has blessed us with! Praise the Lord! So, today, lady-momma-friends, eat the food, till you are filled, and sing a song of thanksgiving for your life. Your own lovely, plumpy, gorgeous body included!

3 Comments on “Check Out Small Town Simplicity

  1. We all know the Truth when it’s spoken, now we just need to let it soak in. Lets be Thankful our children that God has so richly given each of us.

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