Month: January 2013

You Do It Unto Me…

There are some¬†good things happening these days. The cold, soft, snow falls and covers the world and there is very little appeal to being out-of-doors. The cold brings you in, into the home. With the people closest to you. It can be a blessed… Continue Reading “You Do It Unto Me…”

The Thrill is Gone!watch/279734?playlist_id=1387&asset_scope=movies After trying to feed my family as healthily as possible for years upon years. I have hit a wall. The thrill is gone, friends, we’re moving on. We gave up wheat, dairy, and are pushing a more plant based diet for the lot… Continue Reading “The Thrill is Gone”

oh my, what a surprise!

 It never fails to make me ponder my God’s wonderful works when I look at this picture! Here we are, right after getting married! We were so happy, and I don’t remember what we were saying, but it should have been something like- “Oh my,… Continue Reading “oh my, what a surprise!”