Month: January 2013

You Do It Unto Me…

There are some good things happening these days. The cold, soft, snow falls and covers the world and there is very little appeal to being out-of-doors. The cold brings you in, into the home. With the people closest to you. It can be a blessed… Continue Reading “You Do It Unto Me…”

The Thrill is Gone!watch/279734?playlist_id=1387&asset_scope=movies After trying to feed my family as healthily as possible for years upon years. I have hit a wall. The thrill is gone, friends, we’re moving on. We gave up wheat, dairy, and are pushing a more plant based diet for the lot… Continue Reading “The Thrill is Gone”

oh my, what a surprise!

 It never fails to make me ponder my God’s wonderful works when I look at this picture! Here we are, right after getting married! We were so happy, and I don’t remember what we were saying, but it should have been something like- “Oh my,… Continue Reading “oh my, what a surprise!”