You Do It Unto Me…

3802_10151319243469292_383895841_n[1]There are some good things happening these days. The cold, soft, snow falls and covers the world and there is very little appeal to being out-of-doors. The cold brings you in, into the home. With the people closest to you. It can be a blessed thing. Today the eldest of my tribe, Judah, and I went to the Scrap Box together and marveled at the many odd and interesting  things they had there. We bought a 5 gallon bucket to put compost in, and fabric to make dolls for my homeschool co-op class. It was sensational. She carefully chose some random things to make a “found objects” picture frame for her new art group.

The dinner was delicious, it was a vegan mushroom stroganoff. With Portobello mushrooms and onions, garlic and tomatoes. We had it over rice noodles. It was amazing. Then we hung out until bed time, reading and watching movies. While I was preparing dinner and trying to keep the baby busy, I was listening to Ave Maria Radio (990 am), and they had Mother Theresa’s cardiologist, Dr. Wright, give a talk about his experiences with Mother. It was truly inspirational. He spoke of meeting her for the first time, and her telling him that his purpose in this life was to love. He asked her to define love, because of the difficult place he was at this time in his life, he felt that he didn’t know WHAT love is. She quoted scripture: Matthew 25:31-46 – The passage about separating the sheep from the goats. She asked him if he’d ever heard this before. Of course he had, he just wasn’t sure what she was getting at. She said, taking each finger one by one, “You do it unto me, ” then taking his hand and placing it over his face she told him he needed to help the people who couldn’t afford help, he needed to show compassion to the poor. He was very intimidated and didn’t know if he was strong enough to do what she was asking. He eventually did go work with the Sisters of Charity and serve the poorest of the poor.

I felt an immediate surge listening to this talk that I too, want to help in this way- I started fantasing about moving down to Mexico and serving the poor. My husband, the Honey, always bringing me down to earth, reminded me that we are actually already doing that. He said it in one of those moments, with the baby screaming, and the chaos ensuing, that I was pretty sure he was telling me the truth. It just seems so much more HELPFUL/ glamorous to help reeeallly poor people in another country, who truly have nothing, actual poor and hungry and diseased people. I suppose it almost even seems easier than serving my own, whiney and loud children.

Hopefully, I will remember this next time I am frustrated at whatever I’m dealing with. Mother Theresa was known to say something like, “God doesn’t go bankrupt, he just needs us to be faithful to what he wants us to do.” I think we could all use a reminder of God’s faithfulness on these dark, cold, wintry days. Among the many responsibilities we have, there is a deep peace when we are able to let Him be God, and just listen to His voice.

‘Sweetest Lord, make me appreciative of the dignity of my high vocation, and its many responsibilities. Never permit me to disgrace it by giving way to coldness, unkindness, or impatience.’

May you, too, feel the calling to go out and do the work of Christ, even if it is right infront of you, and even if it is screaming.

One Comment on “You Do It Unto Me…

  1. Jen! I. NEED. THAT. RECIPE. Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff! PLEASE. ❤

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