Month: February 2013

Lenten Lentils, and Goodbyes to Great Men

 It’s been an interesting Lent so far, Pope Benedict is retiring (gasp), and on top of that our dear priest, Father Fortunato is moving to a new assignment in Chicago. We went to see his last mass at Pius Union the Shrine of Saint… Continue Reading “Lenten Lentils, and Goodbyes to Great Men”

Cheesy Soaps

Wandering Womb, Babies on Vacation!

By request, for my friends, family, and followers! “There are few surprises left in life”, I thought the summer of 2007. I had three beautiful daughters, and one wonderful big guy- we had always gone with my husbands family to a small lake on the north-east side… Continue Reading “Wandering Womb, Babies on Vacation!”

On Birth, Babies, and Unsolicited Advice

There is no real authority on birth other than who ever it is in our lives that seems to be a great mom. I have many such examples in my own life, and I am looking forward to sharing their testimonies and birth stories… Continue Reading “On Birth, Babies, and Unsolicited Advice”

Delicious Recipes 1

There have been lots of opportunities for trying new types of delish-mazing dishes. The thing about this diet we are trying (eliminating dairy and wheat) is that instead of relying on old standbys, you really have to be intentional about trying new things. Grill cheese just… Continue Reading “Delicious Recipes 1”