Cheesy Soaps


The bummer about life is sometimes it’s a bit mundane. As a stay at home homeschooler there are days that feel like repeats. The kids ask what you’re going to do today, as if there were playdates lurking in the unkempt corners! There are always lots of projects that could be tackled, there are ALWAYS chores! Sometimes you have to have something GOOD to look forward to, no matter how small, to help keep your spirits up and to keep you from letting all the days blur together! Chocolate and a cup of tea, a video for when the kids go to bed, even a good book! I know that was some crazy long build up to finally come clean with the truth: I confess, this winter I became addicted to McLeod’s Daughters, an Australian show on HULU. I  can’t even believe that I am admitting this.

Upon recent reflection, Jesus has shown me the truth of the matter. We all are doing our best to daily reflect the light and life of the Risen Christ, but we struggle with many issues. Issues with spouses, children, co-workers, family, and ultimately ourselves. You my have heard it described as a God-Shaped-Hole in your heart. We always try to fit other things in there, people, food, drugs, coffee, admiration, a certain group/clique, a fancy new bedspread from IKEA. Whatever your fancy, there are always things we’re trying to do to satisfy our very human longings. For me I think sometimes I get stuck in the rutt of self pity, and I drudge on “poor-meing” myself into a space of absolute aloneness. I don’t ever despair, I always get pulled up and out of my moods by a great husband, a good friend, or one of the many smiling faces of my children. I know this is spiritual harassment. I know Satan is on to Michigan Winters and stay-at-home-mothers, the combination bringing too great an isolation to keep us from feeling “okay!” I know Jesus knows. He KNOWS me. I know HE loves me more than I can imagine. I believe He is the Lord and Giver of Life. I know that when I die I want to spend eternity with Him.
Having said all of this, being very real- that show got me through the winter. And I think I’m okay with it. And I think Jesus is okay with it, too. In retrospect, it made me thankful for many things. In comparison with the Australian outback, my life is pretty sweet, and pretty simple. I often take my family for granted. While watching the McLeod’s struggle through the drama, I saw that children truly are a gift from God, if I didn’t have them, I can assure you I would find something to keep me busy, and even if it was a very good endeavor, nothing that I can think of is more valuable than the work I am currently doing. Investing my time and energy into these beautiful people teaches me way more than I teach them. They are brilliant star-souls. Given only as pure love from the Heavenly Father. They are treasures in tiny packages, telling me about things like imagination & dirt, and dancing with fairies, and ice cream for breakfast, and melting my heart with funny words, and wowing me with amazing feats of physical prowess. They are the pinacle of pure, powerful, perfection. And I am ever so blessed. My husband, Abel, is a very good man. He works hard, plays with the kids, coaches them soccer, and art, and camping, and math that I can’t do. He sings and plays the guitar with us almost every night. He prays with His whole heart and make us want to be better. He is faithful and sweet, and a better communicator than any of those Aussie fools. How did I get so lucky?
I think the bottom line is, if we can be open to the Holy Spirit, flying in like a dove, to alert us to the truth, nothing is a waste. God can use a radio song to romance us, a TV show to wake us up, God can do anything, he can convert us by giving us circumstances that make us long for heaven. He can be with us through trials so difficult we would rather have a root canal. Like Pope Francis, I say, “Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, Pray for us!!”
Whatever it takes you to get to the place of honest to goodness joy, raspberries and laughter, swimming suits and cool water, juice and soda mixed together, whatever beauty you can see right now, I hope that you are blessed enough to really see it and treasure it.


2 Comments on “Cheesy Soaps

  1. what a great song…. use whatever it takes… in the sight through God´s loving eyes…… wish i could offer our company as highlight…… miss you!!!!! ❤

  2. Yes! Monay, I often wish for your tangible presence! I know God knows about us, too, friends across the ocean. I look forward to whenever I get to see you again and until then, I will take all the songs, butterflies, birds, coffee, -miracles as they are- meant to keep me faithful to Christ, and His wonderful plan for our life. Jesus, I trust in you!!!!!

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