Victoria, I Have A Secret For You

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There is recent controversy about Victoria’s Secret starting a new line for young girls. These new undergarments are in my unprofessional opinion very sick and twisted. I know that there are plenty of other manufacturers of clothing that are also pushing immodest or overly sexy clothes for girls. So, I’m not just picking on VS. Believe me, this is one of the many reasons we don’t buy new clothes. I don’t want my daughters wearing trashy teenagery type sluttage just because they are in 1st grade. I think it really starts in 6X clothes.The girls do have the natural inclination to look pretty, sometimes too pretty, and  someone has to stop them, and that person is me. I let my daughters pick out their own clothes at Value World and as long as it covers them sufficiently, I allow it. There are exceptions to that rule, and I do have the power to veto their choices, and they know this. It’s important to let them choose because it gives them the opportunity to make mistakes. It’s like not letting your children pick out their own books at the library. Well, that is one way of doing it, but when they do come across questionable reading material, and they will! Will they have the ability to put it down? Self control is something we need to practice, and when we fail, we learn. I want my kids to be allowed to mess up enough while their consciences are still forming so that they will learn the art of discrimination. Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” I want this scripture verse to be their motto, and for it to be so ingrained in them, that they are able to obtain self-control and discipline in terms of all the things they choose to make a part of their lives.

So, incase you haven’t seen this: You should read it, and pass it on to all your friends. Some one at some point needs to start pitching a fit to the clothes makers, the movie makers, the book writers, the musicians, and anyone else who touches our children’s lives. The kids are going to pass on our faith. The faith that Jesus taught us, and in order to do this they need to be focused on what IS important. Lingerie, not important. Lingerie for children makes me sick to my stomach. It’s like endorsing child-porn. It’s just flat-out sin. I think Satan has a tactic called “distraction.” It’s where we are so busy being crazy mad and trying to make everything right we just forget to do the thing we came here to do. PREACH THE GOSPEL! Tell it like it is, folks, this and many other things in our culture ain’t right!

Interestingly enough, among all the 2987 comments I got in my inbox from the Rev. Evan Dolive’s remarks thread, no one seemed to think about the fact that Victoria’s Secret was disordered to begin with. I have made it my personal mission for years now to mess with the heads of the people working in that company. Just for fun. And a cause. Breastfeeding! I go into the store, and ask the kind and friendly staff if I can please try on their newest style, the NURSING BRA! They look at me a little sideways, and then proceed to go find the manager, who then comes over trying to make sense of the request. There is a major disconnect here, friends. They are all confused because, even though breasts have a fundamental purpose they can ignore it to such an extent that they aren’t even bothered by the irony.

Dear, Victoria, if you are willing to listen, I would like to share a secret with you. Breasts are for producing milk for babies to drink, for food. Babies often drink breastmilk as their only form of nourishment for a year or longer. They may stay attached to the breast throughout toddlerhood, which makes sense because the toddler is a fickle person, and milk mellows everybody out. Also, if you didn’t know, humans are mammals, and even though touching his partners womanly bosoms may be a part of the sex-act, their primary function is feeding the young. I just thought you should be aware of this fact so that you can take into account the reason why I do not shop at your store. I have been, for all of the years that I have HAD breasts, a nursing mom. And mom’s still like to feel nice and look pretty, so just a hint, maybe producing a good quality and beautiful nursing bra would be more profitable than you think.

I just now went to the Victoria’s Secret website to type in their search engine “nursing bra,” just to make sure I wasn’t falsely accusing them, or getting irrational: “no matches found for your request.” Hmm. I have a secret for you, Ms. Victoria: I am womancotting your store.  I know I should be more bothered by the whole kiddie-porn underware line coming out than this bit about a lack of nursing bras, but I can honestly tell you, I am unsure which is worse.

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