Month: September 2013

Delicious Recipes II ~ Veggie Lovers

There has been a request, and you know I aim to please, so here you are Emily M!! This is what I made this week, very simple, and yet, the kids and the parents enjoyed it. That is success for me, when the family… Continue Reading “Delicious Recipes II ~ Veggie Lovers”

What Would Jesus Eat?

This question has been on my mind for a long while. Why do we love bacon, red meat, and dairy products? Do they have sentimental feelings associated with them, like “I love hot dogs, because they remind me of Word of God Community Picnics?… Continue Reading “What Would Jesus Eat?”

“I Hate Organized Religion!”

A friend recently said this and it got me to thinking, there are a lot of things that sometimes I say “I hate” to! Like I hate police officers when I get a speeding ticket! I also hate lines at the grocery when I… Continue Reading ““I Hate Organized Religion!””