Delicious Recipe IV Tempeh and Egg Rolls

The magic thing about tempeh is it’s a lot like meat- high in protein and very versatile, this time I literally fried it for two minutes on a high pan then placed in in a crock pot with a jar of store bought curry over the top. I then roasted asparagus in the oven on the broiler setting until it was getting crunchy at the tips…
Then I threw that all in a bowl and ate it up. The children were not especially overjoyed at the prospect of tempeh- but they ate it…sooo….it counts!!


Honestly, after eating so much amazing raw food, especially veggie juice… I was just thrilled to eat something warm and chewy!!
I was also able to try some fly by the seat of my pants southwestern tacos, it went like this: I made spicy refried beans with tons of delicious veggies and salmon, and I guess I just got carried away because I had a lot of leftovers….so I took crumbled tofu, added taco seasoning, black beans, and corn, salmon, and chopped yellow peppers and tomatoes. I took a half a cup of this mixture and rolled it into an egg roll wrap, the kind you can find in the produce section. I baked it on 400 for 6 minutes, then I flipped it over and cooked it some more…5 minutes. When the outside is nice and crispy, yum it up with a little salsa. And there you go. Almost vegan. You could easily leave out the fish!!

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