Big Family Friendly Reviews: Baby Bliss Giveaway! (leave a comment at the bottom of this post for a chance to win)!


Baby Bliss & Kids

137 East Main Street

Northville, Michigan 48167

 (248) 344-0001
If you ever find yourself looking frantically for that perfect gift for a baby shower, or you have a special child in your life that you want to treat to something really beautiful, look no farther, friends!  Head to Northville’s picturesque town! Here at Big Family Friendly Reviews, we had a difficult time getting our children out of Baby Bliss and Kids, we were all having so. much. fun. The store is tiny, but just perfect for filling with the highest quality brands of wonderfulness! They sell their fair share of Robeez shoes, Mama Goose Amber Teething Necklaces, and the infamous Rainbow Loom! They have an abundance of toys that are wooden or made to last.  The main reason I love to buy good toys is the children are more happy with it, it feels good in the hands, and I can pass it on. I hate the ceremonial “throw away party,” each January, when we literally throw in the trash the toys that couldn’t make it more than one month:/

In speaking with Trevor and Colleen McInnis I see their vision clearly: good stuff for great people. Their family started out in Las Vegas! Colleen grew up in New Jersey and Trevor in Waterford, MI and they met at UNLV and were married there. They started a family and an online business when they chose to come back East to where Trevor grew up. They have four awesome kids, Caitlin (19), Hailey (14), Meghan (8), and Sean (4). They have been homeschooling for seven years and Colleen says, ” I love having my kids around!” I find this to be true for many Catholic Homeschoolers, if you love Jesus and you want to do His will, being together with your children certainly makes sense. They belong to Saint Augustine’s Homeschool Group which meets at Old Saint Pat’s where they are also parishioners.


When the McInnis Family started their online business they sold mostly baby products like cloth diapering paraphernalia and shoes and clothes, and after moving to Michigan they were led to open a store after being offered a wonderful spot in downtown Northville. They are directly next to the Children’s Theatre, , which is a great destination all by itself, and with many other pleasant shops and restaurants, who wouldn’t want to come out for a visit?!


When I asked Colleen what the biggest sellers are, she said the baby shoes, Robeez and Squeekers, which in case you didn’t know,the “squeeker” can be removed if you so choose! And also the Rainbow Loom (as seen on YOU TUBE Actually, at the time of this interview the Rainbow Loom was all sold out! I really like this toy, because it’s not expensive ( about fifteen dollars for the loom and 600 bands, and 3-4$ for additional bands) especially if you buy it at Baby Bliss and Kids, because the McInnis’ don’t hike up the prices unnecessarily, and it’s great for visual learners. The kids can watch the youtube video and learn how to do all sorts of great patterns. Colleen says that boys as well as girls love it and have done some pretty creative styles with U of M or Sparty colors! This toy is recommended for 8 years and up, but Colleen says a 6 year old with good fine motor skills could do it as well.

Mama Goose Amber

The beautiful, Jesus loving-Catholic Family at Baby Bliss and Kids has generously offered the following gift to one lucky person:

One Mama Goose Amber Necklace

(a twenty dollar value)

To enter todays giveaway, please leave a comment (one per person, please!) in todays post. I will close comments by 10 pm November 8th, and chosen by random number generator, I will reveal the winner the following day.

And the winner is: Katie: 8 Boys 1 Girl

I’ve been wanting to check out her store for some time! Wish I was closer.. but I’ll just have to find an excuse to get out there! My baby is cutting her two top teeth now, so she is really hoping we win ;)s

Congratulations Katie, and please e-mail me your address so I can mail you your amber necklace!


To everyone else: thank you so much for participating! May God Bless YOU! And I will be doing another giveaway soon! If you have a business that you feel is worthy of some “stars,” here at Big Family Friendly Reviews, we are scanning the area for ideas. Today I am researching hair salons!

***If you have a group of ten or more who would like to have a private shopping party after hours, please call Trevor or Colleen to set up a time. Colleen says she does a fundraiser party for La Leche League each year, and it is the highlight of her year.

Check out their Facebook page! Like it, and call up Trevor or Colleen if you have any questions or want to set up a party.

Happy Shopping!!!


15 Comments on “Big Family Friendly Reviews: Baby Bliss Giveaway! (leave a comment at the bottom of this post for a chance to win)!

  1. How lovely is this?! Loved reading this review SO much! And although my boys are older now, I LOVE stores like this, especially when owned independantly and not a chain!! AND they homeschool?!?! How cool is that?!?! Hmmm, my nephew’s birthday is coming up, I think I know where to go for his gift!! 😊

  2. I would love to win an amber necklace for my 3 month old! My 2 1/2 year old still wears her all the time, and it’s been a hugge help with her teething issues!

  3. Thank you to If The Muse Fits, Anne, and Rebekah! I know y’all have some friends who would like to join in for the giveaway! I know this is my first giveaway, but come ON!!! It’s free!!!

  4. I’ve been wanting to check out her store for some time! WIsh I was closer.. but I’ll just have to find an excuse to get out there! My baby is cutting her two top teeth now, so she is really hoping we win 😉

  5. I am so glad you thought of me. I was thinking of your family recently, remembering the amazing meal you sent home for me when I had just had a baby. I sure miss all of you. How sweet for you to help promote this wonderful small business.

  6. AWWW! This warms my heart! It’s so fun to hear from you all! This blog has been so satisfying, I have always kept a journal, but stopped at some point….I think a few months after my eldest was born! Ha! It feels great just to get my thoughts out….it’s so cool to hear the encouraging feedback as well! God Bless you, Katie, intentionalmothering, Jaime, and Kelly!! ❤

  7. Wish we had more stores like that in the city.Would love to win for my daughter.

  8. Ooohhh. What a cute family! I love family businesses. Checked out the store and its got some pretty neat stuff. I must have some squeaky shoes too! lol

    • Yes, at first I was a little surprised to find such a “loud” shoe in the store where every other choice they had on their shelves was perfect and even better than perfect! But then Colleen showed how the squeeker can be removed. OH! it was a definite deal breaker!!

  9. My little one would love to try out an amber necklace. We are in full teething mode:)

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