Month: January 2014

Homeschooling, How Do You Do It? @Maria Goretti Children’s School…

To be perfectly honest, I never planned on homeschooling. I sent my eldest and second born to our neighborhood co-op preschool, and my eldest to a lovely charter school for Kindergarten. What I found was, the standards that the school had for their youngest students was… Continue Reading “Homeschooling, How Do You Do It? @Maria Goretti Children’s School…”

Free to be ME for the New Year….

A wonderful concept, to be free, actually uninhibited by anything or anyone. Dream with me…………..a canteen of coffee with just the right amounts of sugar and cream, under a tree in a warm meadow, with no one to bother, a great book, and several… Continue Reading “Free to be ME for the New Year….”