Exercise, My Love and Hate Relationship

warm-up It is really easy to say I love to exercise after I am finished working out. Before that, I can say I’d rather go to the dentist, peel potatoes, vacuum the sofa….well just about anything other than exercising. It’s not my favorite thing to do. I can get into sports, like if there is a ball involved, for instance, my competitive nature takes over, and I want to participate. But just running around for the sake of running around? No thank you. This year I have been really truly trying to work out more, and take care of my body. I started last January with this massive food thing, where our family gave up dairy and wheat. Giving up these foods wasn’t simply because I watched all sorts of foodie videos (okay, maybe a little, I did watch: Knife Over Fork, and Vedgucated), it was mostly because I have several kids with eczema and chronic ear infections. I read that these two problems are often symptoms of a food allergy, and the only way you can truly find out if there is a sensitivity, is if you completely avoid the allergen for a period of time, and then reintroduce it, to check for a reaction.

We  lasted one month without wheat. It was just too difficult. The day I threw the spelt bread dough on the floor was a moment I won’t forget. I was like, okay. Time to go buy a loaf of freaking bread. The wheat wasn’t an issue for everyone except me. I still try to avoid it, but I am not a Nazi wheat avoider. I will eat pizza occasionally, or a slice of cake. But mostly I try to stay away from it, as it really helps my acne. The more mucus producing foods I eat (sugar, caffeinated beverages, dairy, wheat, and red meats) the worse my break outs are.

Needless to say, we still avoid dairy, and that is going great. The other side to it, is I am trying despite many challenges to exercise everyday. I learned not to try to do my exercises with my kids, because I find it to be nothing more than an intelligence test I can not pass. They don’t move fast enough for it to be considered cardio, and what gets the most exercise is my patience…unless I get one of these! So cool! They only cost about $1500.00. I’ll get right on that!

mom with cool double baby bike

I do a wonderful Yoga Video (The Skinny Girl Workout, I know it’s a silly name, but I really like it). Or I just do jumping jacks and push-ups and stuff while watching T.V.

skinny girl

Just recently I took the plunge and got a gym membership at Planet Fitness. It is 10$/month. I barely go to workout, maybe once or twice a week, but when I do go, it’s a nice treat and I feel so rejuvenated each and every time. I usually get on a treadmill or Ace Trainer for half an hour, and then do their circuit training for a half hour. It’s just enough to burn some calories, and build some strength while slowly acquiring more endurance.

I am thankful for the ability to workout at the gym, but I will say I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to jump, skip, walk, and run outside!

images http://www.catholic.com/magazine/articles/the-trouble-with-yoga

You may be wondering how a Christian Catholic woman could possibly benefit from doing Yoga, which is a valid concern. According to this article from Catholic Answers, as long as you are not participating in the Eastern Religion of Hinduism itself, you are okay. Yoga actually began before Hindu was established. It is now considered dangerous by some protestants, and as I read through the article the thing that stuck out to me the most, was, don’t give a body position that much power. Just because you see someone kneeling doesn’t mean they are praying! They could be proposing, cleaning the floor, or various other non-related reasons. There is even a Christian group who has started “Holy Yoga!” A Yoga program featuring Christian music and scripture readings! The thing I have found in yoga, that I enjoy, is, it’s very soothing, it strengthens all your core muscles, and it’s cheap. All you need is some comfortable pants! You really don’t even need a mat! Just breathe and touch your toes, it’s great. I feel like my whole body thanks me every time I do some yoga. All those super stretched muscles tighten and go back to where they belong after many babies:)

I also LOVE to dance, and me and my big girls get a nice workout using Wii’s Just Dance video game. Sometimes I get them to teach me Irish Dance moves, and sometimes we just freestyle:)


excercise quoteIf for some reason I can’t find the time to exercise, that’s okay, as long as I keep doing it whenever I get the chance. That’s how I roll. If I have any amount of free time, after dinner is cleaned up and the kids are sent to bed, I flip laundry and do my time. If I am too tired, I just go to bed, and exercise again the next day. I never fret about it, but I do put it right there at the near top of my priorities list. It isn’t always the best conversation with my honey, because he misses me, but I’m like: DO you want a fat wife? ok. no. that’s. what. I. thought. see you in one hour.

It’s not just that I don’t want to be fat. It’s also that I really want to be HERE in the future. I want to be healthy, and able to watch my kids play sports, and sometimes even get out there and play with them! I want to be fit, happy, and sacrificing what God is calling me to sacrifice. He did say: “Be fruitful and multiply!” He didn’t say: ” be plump and huff and puff all the way up the stairs.” Housewife doesn’t necessarily have to translate as heavy and having difficulty performing daily tasks while eating junk. We can do this! BEing healthy is so much more fun~ and hopefully God will bless our efforts no matter how little they are, and keep us around to be old and gray grandmothers, who get to watch our children’s children grow up into active, amazing Saints!

What do you do to keep your body feeling good?

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