Thirty Five, Surprises, and Fun, Fancy NAILS!


There are many things a woman wants for her birthday. I know a many women, and really we all want the same thing- right? We would like to be spoiled and left alone at the same time. We want to sleep in AND have breakfast in bed, we want to read and drink coffee in silence AND spend some quality time with our kids. There really just isn’t enough time in the day to DO all we really want to do.


Luckily, my husband is very smart, he was thinking ahead, and managed to spoil me, and did all of the above. I woke up to fantastic birthday signs, which is a family tradition, started by my mom. Good job, mom, we all look forward to waking up on the day we were born to fun handmade signs! And the smells weren’t so bad either! Abel made us all breakfast sandwiches with croissants! YUM! Then we went on a surprise outing. We had no idea where we were headed- such a welcome surprise when we pulled up to Simply Sue’s Nail Spa! If you ever need a manicure or pedicure or just a special time with a daughter or friend, this place, girlfriend, rocks! It’s very cozy and cute with lots of things to look at. They were extremely accommodating of us, and experts in the way they decorated our nails, and-they kept conversation light and fun. I really appreciated how kind they were to my kids. They definitely earned the Big Family Friendly Reviews Five Stars Plus Award!


Simply Sue’s Nail Spa

995 N. Mill Street

Plymouth, MI 48170

(734) 455-7484

Sue says to book in advance if possible as they have regular clients they are working with as well as drop-ins, she would prefer a couple of months especially if you have a larger party, like a wedding or a birthday party! I’m telling you, it’s worth checking out just for the dag-gone massage chairs! By the time my feet were polished, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside from the excellent foot massage from Jennifer, and combined back massage from that chair! Woa baby! I feel like a queen!


So, if you have a husband that perhaps isn’t quite as smart as mine, kindly e-mail him this post and perhaps he will catch on! Bonding time with daughters, check! Relaxed and pretty at the same time, check! Wonderful, warm, and experienced staff, check!!


I am hoping that your birthday is as fun as mine was, and I’m hoping too, that even if you’re not really a girly girl (don’t worry, I’m not really either) it’s really a great mini vacation to spend a day a Sue’s!


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