A Shoot of Jesse, Will Bear Much Fruit

stumpThere is always so much more to find out about our wonderful Christian Catholic Church! The wonders never cease! I had the good fortune to be asked to participate in a Jesse Tree Ornament Swap, and man did I ever learn so much, it was truly inspiring! I wanted to share it with you all, because of the beauty and simplicity of the ornaments themselves, but even more because of the way God wrote these love letters to His people, throughout salvation history, so that now we can look back at the brilliance of His plan for our SALVATION!!

All you really need is 28 willing volunteer crafty friends (or less, if some are willing to make more than one), and a date. This is important to plan for a few weeks away, so that you have time to order your supplies, and then wait for the night before to begin the project 🙂 It would be ideal  to have the swap just before Advent, but not during Thanksgiving week…

The most critical part of this event is to have hot cider, and many delicious treats to share with your friends, and don’t forget to throw in the most adorable student you’ve ever had, I felt like a celebrity with the enthusiasm little Katie had to play a quick round of Candy Land, sorry sweetheart, we’ll have to do that another day!




IMG_1746 IMG_1745

It was so much fun to see old friends, and even meet some new ones while admiring everyone’s hard work, and snacking on some delicious treats! I will stop gushing now and show you each ornament!

These ornaments and Bible stories are the same as what is used in the Holy Heroes Jesse Tree DVD. If you don’t already know it- Advent Adventure will send a daily story/video/craft/activity for your children every day of Advent! It’s fun, it’s free, it’s easy for the mom! http://www.holyheroes.com

1. Creation (Earth) Genesis 1:1-23

Creation: Really cute & easy! A rubber ball with green yarn strung thru!

2.Creation Continued ( Man & Woman) Genesis 1:24-31

Creation of Man & Woman! Little painted wooden people with hearts to represent their innocence, and purity. Super sweet!


3.Fall of Man (Apple, Serpent) Genesis 3:1-15, 20-23

Fall of Man! A stick with a green pipe cleaner, and a tiny apple with a twine hanger- look at that!




4. Noah (Ark, Rainbow) Genesis 6:5-20, 7:1-23, 8:1-17, 9:1-13

Noah! A plastic bulb filled with blue sand, and a hand painted ark, with a nice little rainbow ribbon! How adorable, and unbreakable!


5. Abraham (Tent) Genesis 12:1-5,13:14-16, 18:1-10, 21:1-3

Look at this awesome tent made from plastic canvas and warm, earth tone yarn! So good.

 6. Isaac (Bundle of Sticks, Ram) – Genesis 22:1-147

Wonderful sticks, that help us think about the one who carried a big stick for us! Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice!

7. Jacob (ladder) Genesis 27: 41-44, 28:10-17

A spray painted golden ladder, with an angel attached!

8. Joseph (Multi-colored Coat) Genesis 37:3-4, 17-28

Isn’t this the best!? A soft white piece of felt, with authentic-looking yarn! I think this is what the real technicolor dream coat looked like!

9. Moses (Moses Basket) Exodus 2:1-10, 3:1-12

Nothing sweeter than this, a baby Moses in his basket all nice and snug!

10. Moses Continued (Stone Tablets) Exodus 7-14, 19, 32

Simple, and yet beautiful! The Ten Commandments!

11. Ruth (Wheat) Ruth 1:1-16, 7-22

Very easy to do, but very appealing! Wheat glued to a wooden heart.

12. Samuel (Crown) 1Samuel 3

This is the lid of some tiny jewelry box that I tied up for the crown, but you can be more creative and actually make one, too! Don’t forget to make it shiny!

13. Jesse (tree stump with shoot) 1 Samuel 3

Handmade from balsa wood, sanded and painted, with a nice little green leaf sticking out! What a great thought, that no matter what our history- God can redeem it!

14. David (slingshot, smooth stones) 1 Samuel 17, 19:1-2

This one really works! So watch out! I love how she put the five smooth stones in a little ziplock bag with some aromatic oils! the pouch is the bomb.

15. Solomon (temple) 1 Kings 3

A little wooden coin, painted with a temple! I like the gold!

16. Elijah (raven, manna, chariot of fire) 1 Kings 17 & 18

She used a wood burner, and an attractive image of the raven. Some ravens look so menacing, and this one is lovely!

17. Elisha (river or dove) 2 Kings 5

A solid white dove, so wonderful to look at. This one is very well done.

18. Isaiah’s Prophecies (cross) Isaiah 8:6-7

A wooden cross, painted gold, with a sheer ribbon wrapped over. It’s a beauty!

19. Isaiah (scroll) Isaiah 6

The prophecies are so pretty on this miniature scroll.

20. Daniel (lion) Daniel 6:11-17, 19-25

Best lion ever!

21. Jeremiah (fire) Jeremiah 31

Salt dough, with a hand painted fire! Genius!

22. Angels (angel or angel wings) Luke 1

Isn’t she sweet? I love the felt wings, embellished with gold!

23. Zechariah, Elizabeth, and John the Baptist (tablet with chalk) Luke 1

Nice and easy! Love it!

24. Blessed Virgin Mary (Mary, lily, heart, Marian Symbol) Luke 1

The Immaculate Heart of Mary! This one is my fav!

25. The Visitation (Mary and Elizabeth, or path with hills) Luke 1:39-56

This one I made. I used a gold transfer paper to make it have more texture, and cut out construction paper for the figures. I painted on hair and stitched around the outside with embroidery floss.

26. Joseph (tools) Matthew 1

I love this Joseph! Hand painting gives him so much character!

27. The Nativity (Jesus in the Manger) Luke 2

What a classic Nativity Scene!
The reverse side of the Nativity ornament has this Novena prayer to help us prepare our hearts! Lovely!

28. Magi (Christmas Star, Three Crowns, Camels) Matthew 2:1-12

Shiny crocheted Star of Bethlehem!

There you have it folks! What a joy it was to be a part of this fun group….I hope you get a chance to have a Jesse Tree in your home! Maybe next year you could have your very own swap!

May the sweet baby Jesus bless you and your families this Advent!!

My Jesse tree is on a cork board, with tacks holding up the ornaments!
My Jesse tree is on a cork board, with tacks holding up the ornaments!

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