Soups at Friday Foodies* Bonus Dairy-Free Latte

j & A Pumpkins-arizona-pumpkin-soup

Over here at JennyJennyGenesis we are big fans of pumpkin soup. We have made the curried version as well and truly dig all the pumpkin. Which I guess is weird because I kind of hate pumpkin pie. I was a little tentative to try the Mollie Katzen version of pumpkin soup with a southwest flare- but I will tell you: just do it. Its fresh tasting while still being a warm comforting soup. We served it with nachos one night and then the second night combined it with some taco seasoned chicken my son made at the homeschool co-op. I know, I know we’re vegetarians, but this past week has been our unraveling. We had completely gone veggie for Lent, and then about a week ago my husband confessed that he felt weird, like he wasn’t getting enough food or the right kind of food- but also he has way more self-control than I and without sharing with my family I had been sneaking foods like fish, and even beef on the side. Sigh…..I really was having a difficult time surviving without meat.

So. Now that our secret is out and we have come clean that we are no longer true vegetarians I can say that having a couple meat/fish options a week is perfect! Even so, I don’t mind being pretty much a veggie, but every once and a while the protein found in meat is irreplaceable! its-soup-season-or-as-i-like-to-call-it-8141942

Jenny’s Veggies in Your Fridge Soup

2 cups worth mirepoix- carrots, onion, celery, small diced

3 TBS olive oil

1 tsp each salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary, dill

2 bell peppers diced

as many mushrooms as you can find!

1/2 cabbage sliced

Cook these ingredients until transparent and beginning to caramelize.

15.25 oz can black beans

15.25 oz can corn

28 oz can diced tomatoes

4 cloves garlic smashed

2 32oz containers veggie or chicken stock

1 large TBS Better than Bouillon Mushroom Base

1 bay leaf

After veggies are caramelized add garlic, beans, corn, tomatoes, and stock, Mushroom base (I like to mix the base with a 1/4 cup water so it combines with the soup easier) garlic, and bay leaf. Let cook on low heat for up to 1 hour or several hours in a crockpot on “warm!” Eat with a toasted baguette with cheese or simply on its own! A satisfying and flexible dish, feel free to substitute vegetables as necessary! Whatever you have in your fridge is wonderful! Enjoy with friends…. Good food is always better with friends!

If you want to watch us make these yummy soups please watch our YouTube channel Here! We also talk about a vegan dairy- free coffee drink and this is what it was:

Lisa’s Fancy Dairy Free Latte!

1 TBS coconut oil

1 TBS toasted almond oil

2 cups coffee

Sweetener if desired

Blend coffee and oils on high in blender for two minutes. Pour into mug and enjoy! You will never miss Dairy again!! ❤️

I hope you enjoy our wildly imperfect vegetarian recipes! What’s your favorite soup?

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