Best Frozen Supper @ Friday Foodies

frozen-pizza-amys1Even at JennyJennyGenesis we have those days where we can’t get inspired to make food to put on the table and for that, we have take out, but even pizza places can grow tiresome and dare I say: wayyyy too expensive?

And so, frozen section: unite! I have tried some lately that were really quite delicious, even if I had to add a quick salad or some roasted veggies on the side.

Pizza is a natural choice for frozen food lovers, and we did try this Amy’s Margherita Pizza the other day and it had a really nice flavor. Hint: it’s even better if you brush the bottom of the pie with olive oil and garlic salt before you put in on that cookie sheet- and serve it with a nice arugula salad.

perogiesMy children love pierogies, and they love them even more if I cook them with chopped bacon and sliced onion! The picture on the box shows them served with broccoli, which actually wouldn’t be a terrible idea, but the other day at Costco I found this:

cauliflowerA truly amazing discovery that I cooked on a sheet pan with grapeseed oil, and curry powder, salt and pepper. It was a little soggy at first, so I stuck it under my broiler for three minutes until it was crunchy and delicious!

Pizza RollsI know, back to pizza again, and Amy’s again- but it’s seriously delicious. The sauce she uses is pretty close to perfect and these cheese pizza snacks are delightful- especially paired with cream cheese to dip and some baby carrots for balance.

sweet potatoesAnd lastly but not least- is this amazing trick: eating sweet potatoes without cooking sweet potatoes. I like them especially with a good black bean burger and some mayo mixed with horseradish sauce and hot sauce! Yummm!

Some people say that May is the busiest month of the year, with the end of the year activities and Mothers Day, graduations, Confirmations, not to mention plays, recitals, and what have you… gentle with yourself and plan a couple of frozen meals into your dinner routine. Not only with you thank yourself later, but you will probably be surprised with the delicious options we have available to us!

What is your favorite frozen food? Tostadas? Burritos? Chicken Strips?

2 Comments on “Best Frozen Supper @ Friday Foodies

  1. Hello. I enjoyed reading this post as it sounds a lot like my house hold. Last night was a good night doing frozen food as we had to drive an hour and a half to dentist and then drive back. I wasn’t in the mood to cook. I cheated from making our own pizza and bought Jack’s Pizza. Its not as good as

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping in! I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a crazy life- running around to dentist appointments and really needing a personal chef! Hmmm Jacks Pizza- I haven’t tried that one! I would love to know your recipe!

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