My husband pretty much excels at everything…he is an artist, a woodworker, an amazing coach, a great listener, and particularly wonderful at organizing small spaces…I am so thankful for his sense of humor! 🙂 Clearly he rocks out the grill, as well!!

There are few things in this life so far that I have felt really compelled to do. One was to marry my husband. I see now that this vocation has many many life-giving elements. It has inspired me to become a better person, by watching my children grow I have understood why homeschooling is the best choice for our family. When I watched the Good Shepherd presentation at the Atrium, I saw that God had this in mind for me, too. As I meet more and more women who are doing what I am doing, I am led by God to encourage them. This work is no small potatoes. This work of being a wife and mother has eternal effects, it is HUGE. I want to collect stories of faithful families with many children so I can publish a book, and in turn give joy and a hope to those who are struggling through the potty training, dishes, homework, and beautiful wiggly babies. The women that have gone before us have much to teach us! If you happen to know someone who fits the bill, e-mail me their contact information so I can interview them for my book.
God Bless YOU!



Abel and I  have nine wonderful children, here is a bit about them:

He's an amazing artist, and I can't wait to see what wonderful happenings he will have now that he's on his own! Love You! Adam Guthrie

Adam is 26, and earns a hundred stars for being a great big brother and babysitter! We all love having our easy going and talented Adam Bomb around! Adam’s passion in life is music, however, he is thoroughly investing his time, resources, and energy into a new  endeavor-  remodeling a house– and we are very proud of his determination. Also, he’s really good with scissors. So, whenever we can, we get him over to cut our hair!!!


Judah Grey

18 years old

Soccer star, amazing helper and laundress of the year! Judah loves to read,  is learning piano, and has a wonderful singing voice! Judah graduated this year, and has proven herself to be a wonderful student, as well as someone who loves to learn. I am very excited at her future and thrilled to see her excel. Aaaand she’s doing an internship at Beloved during this coming gap year!


Eva Francis

16 years old

Artist, exceptional organizer & hard worker, and quite a sweetheart, Eva loves playing soccer, and lifeguarding at our local city pool! We have a lot of fun watching this dynamic young woman do so many incredible things. Eva, a junior at WTMC,  prefers math and science, and has proven herself this year in her Biology class! Also, she’s an amazing writer! Looking forward to see what God has in store for Eva!


Mira Grace

14 years old

Very smart, very cuddly, and an ice skating star in training! Mira is enjoying participating in travel volleyball this year, and is very good at both! She is great at all things school related, and its been a pleasure to see this bright young lady push herself–especially to learn history which isn’t her favorite. She would rather be reading or skyping her best friend who lives in Austria!! Mira had become an amazing baker and cook, and contributes a lot of delicious meals to our family. She had also gotten ahold of my knitting needles and has quickly surpassed me in her skills, knitting and crocheting many gorgeous crafts.



Siah Brown

11 years old

The best big brother ever, loves soccer, legos, and sweets:) Also loves reading, learning piano, Pokemon, studying about reptiles, and geography! And I should add, very good at helping around the house! What a nice young man! Siah is excited about performing in a school play this year, Hansel and Gretel Retold! He also loves Karate! I am thrilled to see Siah growing out of the phase of constantly tormenting his sisters and graduating to teasing occasionally but mostly just being friends.



Cana Katherine

9 years old

A chatty Cathy, with a heart of gold, loves to play soccer, play pretend, collect miniatures, and tell lots of stories!!Cana loves to draw, especially pictures of everyday life. It’s very inspiring to see the amount of detail she puts in her pictures.  It’s something else watching this girl play house with her best friend in the whole wide world: her little sister. They have fake names and everything.



Anya Therese

7 years old

A real live fairy person, keeps us all laughing and scratching our heads! How does someone so small have so much personality? Although her independence can pose some challenges, we have hope that she will grow into a dynamic adult. Anya is headed to second grade and learning to read. She has just begun learning the violin and is a little ballerina. We are all marveling that Anya is old enough to play soccer with her older siblings- something she feels like she’s been waiting on forever!



Ezra Abram Nicolai

4 years old

What a joy! We love our little Buzzy. He is full of spice, loves to explore, play with his siblings, cars, little guys, and animals. Ezra is very articulate and has a wonderful imagination. It’s a lot of fun to watch him play. He is an expert at puzzles, stealing apples, and cellphones. His daddy can keep him busy for hours tending a fire or fixing things. Buzz is truly his Mini-Me.

Tovah Elijah Phillipe

Tovah is six months old and is a professional army crawler and isn’t sure he likes the taste of solid foods yet. He keeps us all entertained with his jovial personality and physical prowess: go Tovey go!

That’s all for now folks!


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  1. love the pictures!!! yeah and the people in it even more so!!! double yeah!!!! you forget to tell us about the heart and soul of the family -jennifer kathrine – a lifegiving mother and true source of the one and only God. a helpful example of humility kindness and strength, to everyone, including strangers!!! your beautiful inside and out! ❤

    • HA! You’re right! I did forget myself! Surrounded with all the beautiful kids, it’s easy to lose myself! I love you so much lady! Thank you for your friendship and always giving me the truth to ponder. You really are the bestest:)

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