I am just trying to get me and mine to heaven. My wonderful supportive husband and I have 7 children, two boys and five girls. We run our own business and homeschool the kids. We are practicing Roman Catholics with a love for Jesus that keeps growing. I'm working on a couple art projects, Catholic themed fun and funny cards, and a book to help parents talk to their children about sexuality. I love to cook, sew, create. I love to ride bikes and watch my kids play soccer and dance, and I have a cloth diaper fetish. I look forward to hearing your honest thoughts and sharing bits and pieces of our blessed life. My favorite Bible passage is Philippians 4:4.

Friday Foodies

Welcome friends to our Lenten experiment of becoming vegetarians! It’s gonna be awesome! I am looking forward to sharing fresh, creative vegetarian cuisine with you and your families! Xoxo- jennyjennygenesis

Saint Mama, Holy Papa

I had the opportunity to hear the beautiful Dr. Gianna Emmanuela Molla- daughter of Saint Gianna-speak at Father Gabriel Richard Highschool the other night, at an I.d. 9:16 Special Presentation. … Continue reading Saint Mama, Holy Papa

Guerilla Momma Declaration

After the entourage of articles about the zoological malfunction/parental distraction/ unfortunate situation of the poor dear Harambe’s death…I am left feeling contemplative and also furious: here’s why. Most of the publications I … Continue reading Guerilla Momma Declaration