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The Dreamiest Butteriest Soup Ever

We love squash, and there are so many ways to prepare it, savory or  sweet, and altogether roasted! This is one of my favorite recipes! I hope you dig! After hearing the reading today at mass about the workers in vineyard, I felt especially… Continue Reading “The Dreamiest Butteriest Soup Ever”

Exercise, My Love and Hate Relationship

 It is really easy to say I love to exercise after I am finished working out. Before that, I can say I’d rather go to the dentist, peel potatoes, vacuum the sofa….well just about anything other than exercising. It’s not my favorite thing to… Continue Reading “Exercise, My Love and Hate Relationship”

Friday Fish Fry

One of the many beautiful things about being Catholic is the traditional foods that naturally come with the Liturgical Calendar, throughout the year. I really appreciate the different seasons we have that follow the life of Christ. I suppose in part because I’m a… Continue Reading “Friday Fish Fry”

Let the Search Begin! Tales from the Recipe Hunter…

When I do my grocery shopping, I go alone, I go early, with reusable bags, and a list in hand. I go through and inventory what I already have beforehand, and take note of upcoming events on my calendar so that I have what… Continue Reading “Let the Search Begin! Tales from the Recipe Hunter…”

The Grocery Getter Girl

The family can survive on ice cream, and potato chips….. and you know this is true Moms and Dads! Do you ever feel like throwing up your hands and screaming, “You don’t love what I cook, FINE, see how you like it when I… Continue Reading “The Grocery Getter Girl”

Delicious Recipes III – Triple Layer Lagasna

This wonderful adventure we call “fall” – oh boy can it knock you out?! It is absolute chaos sometimes with homeschooling, trying/failing keeping the house clean, sports, music, catechism, and everything combined with my honeys busy schedule…woa! I know you’re right there with me… Continue Reading “Delicious Recipes III – Triple Layer Lagasna”

Delicious Recipes II ~ Veggie Lovers

There has been a request, and you know I aim to please, so here you are Emily M!! This is what I made this week, very simple, and yet, the kids and the parents enjoyed it. That is success for me, when the family… Continue Reading “Delicious Recipes II ~ Veggie Lovers”