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The Grocery Getter Girl

The family can survive on ice cream, and potato chips….. and you know this is true Moms and Dads! Do you ever feel like throwing up your hands and screaming, “You don’t love what I cook, FINE, see how you like it when I… Continue Reading “The Grocery Getter Girl”

Easier Said than Done

 I have been trying to find the words to tell you about Jacques Phillipe and the Christ the King Women’s retreat for quite some time now. If you know me at all, you know that I am rarely at a loss for words. So although… Continue Reading “Easier Said than Done”

Neighborly Love

There is much to say on this topic, and as I’m sure you’ve heard, Pope Francis is driving it home that it isn’t ok to simply isolate ourselves in a Christian Catholic Bubble, circle the wagons, and take cover. Much more is expected of… Continue Reading “Neighborly Love”

Home and Schooling and Varmin, and Miracles, and Lots of Books

The reality sets in this time of year, doesn’t it? There is always more on the list than can actually be accomplished in the time we have… the thrill of everything finally starting up with fall, is fading. But there is still all those… Continue Reading “Home and Schooling and Varmin, and Miracles, and Lots of Books”

Delicious Recipes III – Triple Layer Lagasna

This wonderful adventure we call “fall” – oh boy can it knock you out?! It is absolute chaos sometimes with homeschooling, trying/failing keeping the house clean, sports, music, catechism, and everything combined with my honeys busy schedule…woa! I know you’re right there with me… Continue Reading “Delicious Recipes III – Triple Layer Lagasna”

What Would Jesus Eat?

This question has been on my mind for a long while. Why do we love bacon, red meat, and dairy products? Do they have sentimental feelings associated with them, like “I love hot dogs, because they remind me of Word of God Community Picnics?… Continue Reading “What Would Jesus Eat?”

Cheesy Soaps

On Birth, Babies, and Unsolicited Advice

There is no real authority on birth other than who ever it is in our lives that seems to be a great mom. I have many such examples in my own life, and I am looking forward to sharing their testimonies and birth stories… Continue Reading “On Birth, Babies, and Unsolicited Advice”

You Do It Unto Me…

There are some good things happening these days. The cold, soft, snow falls and covers the world and there is very little appeal to being out-of-doors. The cold brings you in, into the home. With the people closest to you. It can be a blessed… Continue Reading “You Do It Unto Me…”