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Eyes Wide Open

  The birth of my newbie, Ezra Abram Nicolai, was an adventure, and after a month of getting to know him, I feel even more blessed than I did when I found out we were expecting! When you know what you’re getting yourself into, the… Continue Reading “Eyes Wide Open”

Unraveling Resolutions, and Monogramming Towels….

It was a lot of fun to write down New Years Resolutions with my kids! I was surprised by their awareness of what they needed to work on the most. I felt inspired to dig a little deeper and write more than: walk and… Continue Reading “Unraveling Resolutions, and Monogramming Towels….”

A Shoot of Jesse, Will Bear Much Fruit

There is always so much more to find out about our wonderful Christian Catholic Church! The wonders never cease! I had the good fortune to be asked to participate in a Jesse Tree Ornament Swap, and man did I ever learn so much, it… Continue Reading “A Shoot of Jesse, Will Bear Much Fruit”

The Next Day After

What I have been mulling over in my mind is this idea that we can “over do,” and wanting so desperately to make it untrue. I would like to think that I can run around like a chicken with my head cut off, and… Continue Reading “The Next Day After”

Baby Planning, Not Planning, Pregnancy, and Living Open

Family planning for the Christian couple has many challenges. It’s not a simple thing, and it ultimately has to do with opening your heart to the work of being a family, big or small. The infertile couple, the overly fertile couple, the couple that… Continue Reading “Baby Planning, Not Planning, Pregnancy, and Living Open”

Praying With Children- the Fun Way!

There are many ways a parent can pass on the faith to their children, the best way is to pray often yourself, as their parent, and they will learn by example. Beyond that there are endless opportunities to teach them about the Lord, and… Continue Reading “Praying With Children- the Fun Way!”

Confessions of A Worry Wart

This past Sunday, our beloved Father Pat Egan shared some great thoughts on worrying, and I got to thinking, what DO I worry about? I had never really thought about that. I consider myself a relatively carefree person……And I the more I thought about… Continue Reading “Confessions of A Worry Wart”

Homeschooling, How Do You Do It? @Maria Goretti Children’s School…

To be perfectly honest, I never planned on homeschooling. I sent my eldest and second born to our neighborhood co-op preschool, and my eldest to a lovely charter school for Kindergarten. What I found was, the standards that the school had for their youngest students was… Continue Reading “Homeschooling, How Do You Do It? @Maria Goretti Children’s School…”

Big Family Friendly Reviews: Baby Bliss Giveaway! (leave a comment at the bottom of this post for a chance to win)!

Baby Bliss & Kids 137 East Main Street Northville, Michigan 48167  (248) 344-0001 If you ever find yourself looking frantically for that perfect gift for a baby shower, or you have a special child in your life that you want to treat to something really beautiful, look… Continue Reading “Big Family Friendly Reviews: Baby Bliss Giveaway! (leave a comment at the bottom of this post for a chance to win)!”

Home and Schooling and Varmin, and Miracles, and Lots of Books

The reality sets in this time of year, doesn’t it? There is always more on the list than can actually be accomplished in the time we have… the thrill of everything finally starting up with fall, is fading. But there is still all those… Continue Reading “Home and Schooling and Varmin, and Miracles, and Lots of Books”