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The Holy Places

Each and everyday there are tiny amazing blooms, buds at least……of growth, change and we get to witness them. Mama, I can see your heart. The never ending tasks without checks next to them, the feeling that perhaps you’re doing it wrong, or not… Continue Reading “The Holy Places”

Fancy Ramen Variations

Lately life has been busy, I know you’re shocked….but seriously guys- dinner still needs to happen every darn night and sometimes you need something super healthy because you can’t just eat junk and you need it to be something fast. Here is my go-to… Continue Reading “Fancy Ramen Variations”

Senior Reflections (Wait, WUT)?!

It feels like just yesterday that I graduated from high school, and I can’t believe Judah has graduated. How did that even happen? People say time flies–they are right. Having the big girl graduate seems like a pretty great reason to catch you all… Continue Reading “Senior Reflections (Wait, WUT)?!”

Cat Debacle

I am writing to you from the postpartum recovery sofa, with my coffee, my four-year-old and my four month old flanking me…feeling very blessed and alive. I am treasuring the little brothers and gaining so much joy from getting to be the mama. Just… Continue Reading “Cat Debacle”

Fantastic Camping Tips & Foods

We all know how to barbeque, and that’s a darn good thing! It can make a fast dinner and is generally uncomplicated, however, is it always time to barbeque when camping? The short answer is no, because for me and my crew – we… Continue Reading “Fantastic Camping Tips & Foods”

Best Frozen Supper @ Friday Foodies

Even at JennyJennyGenesis we have those days where we can’t get inspired to make food to put on the table and for that, we have take out, but even pizza places can grow tiresome and dare I say: wayyyy too expensive? And so, frozen section:… Continue Reading “Best Frozen Supper @ Friday Foodies”

Seder Flavors @ Friday Foodies +Giveaway!

Happy Triduum to all my Catholic friends, and to everyone else- Happy Almost Easter!! It’s a very exciting time of year, and we are thrilled to share with you our traditions, and attempts at creating new traditions! This year my teenagers are participating in… Continue Reading “Seder Flavors @ Friday Foodies +Giveaway!”

Eggs Over Crazy! Friday Foodies!

It’s a beautiful thing to eat a good soft boiled egg with toast in the morning, and egg salad sandwiches for lunch–yes, please! And those big family celebrations, how about strata? It’s endless, the recipes and ways of using eggs to enrich the menu! Quiche… Continue Reading “Eggs Over Crazy! Friday Foodies!”

Soups at Friday Foodies* Bonus Dairy-Free Latte

Over here at JennyJennyGenesis we are big fans of pumpkin soup. We have made the curried version as well and truly dig all the pumpkin. Which I guess is weird because I kind of hate pumpkin pie. I was a little tentative to try… Continue Reading “Soups at Friday Foodies* Bonus Dairy-Free Latte”

Fandango At Friday Foodies

For many years my family has had “taco night,” which basically means anything Tex-Mex style, but especially Tostadas, loaded down with refried beans, onions, cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and cilantro (for the few who dig it). And of course: TACO MEAT! Which since… Continue Reading “Fandango At Friday Foodies”