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The Birthday Conundrum

There has been talk of “slowing down,” or making it a more “doable” project, but there has been little else in terms of progress! It’s pretty tough to stop yourself when the children are so sweet, and the opportunity to dote on them comes…

Christmas: What not to do….

There is much that can be said when it comes to Christmas giving. I love the idea of honoring Christ’s birth with really beautiful handmade “birthday” gifts. I also really hate how crazy this time of year can get, if I choose to let…

Originally posted on Our Catholic Faith:
EWTN is something I’ve been wanting for a long time. My husband and I could never justify cable or dish TV when it came to the budget. Soooo, we found this great device called a ROKU. It hooks…

Good Enough

There are so many things we can do, as mamas, wives, and teachers, and then there is “good enough.” I already know you KNOW this, but, years from now it won’t matter if you had a sparkly clean floor! But the children will remember you…

Camping Love!

Camping Love!

No matter where I go, no matter what I’m doing…I’m camping! I go camping when I check out a few books at the library, I camp all the way to the park, I camp over to my girlfriends house, and camp a bit here and there to mass, museums, and groceries….Let’s just put it out there friends, if me and mine are getting out- then we are camping! We have to bring the same equiptment, and supplies! We my as well stay for a while! When I open the back of my van a double stroller almost kills me, tumbling out amongst bags of all sorts, bags of books, bags of food, extra clothes, diapers, wipes, first aid kit, homeopathis remedies, an old keyboard?!, and shoes, that is correct, shoes. The breed at night….I swear!
Do you always feel like you are camping, too?
What is it that you don’t leave home wthout?


I am certainly no theologian, so I am really asking you. Whenever I ask you a question, you can feel free to give me your honset opinion, I will take your thoughts with a grain of salt. What exactly will heaven be like? Why…

I speant my day at our homeschool co-op, and feel truly blessed to be around so many wonderful examples. These folks are the salt of the earth! I agree wholeheartedly!