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Musical Beds and Michigan’s Own Multigravida

We were talking as a family on Sunday, trying to figure out room arrangements, as our older children had come up with some good ideas of how we could mix and match the bunk beds, to help not only with space management but also… Continue Reading “Musical Beds and Michigan’s Own Multigravida”

The Next Day After

What I have been mulling over in my mind is this idea that we can “over do,” and wanting so desperately to make it untrue. I would like to think that I can run around like a chicken with my head cut off, and… Continue Reading “The Next Day After”

Raspberry Delight

  If you didn’t know this is the time to pick raspberries, and only for a little longer! We made a delicious raspberry treat the other day with sweet juicy raspberries hand picked from my friend Deanna White’s garden, it was so good, I… Continue Reading “Raspberry Delight”

Weeding Out the Junk

 Can you laugh at yourself? Can you really peel your mask off and get a good chuckle going…. about your own hang ups? There is a line in a song by one of my favorite bands Lucius, “I’m hard-headed, but I’m completely soft inside!… Continue Reading “Weeding Out the Junk”

Gardens and Grilling and Growing Girls

This has been one of the busiest and most fun seasons of my life. I go to church, or the library, or wherever, say hi to friends, linger too long chatting, get home, make food, go to another activity, mow the lawn, flip the… Continue Reading “Gardens and Grilling and Growing Girls”

Pentecost, a Broken Arm, and Babies!

 Well, folks….Still interviewing and praying on the post about our sisters who can’t conceive or who have experienced the loss of a child. For you, I am researching this a bit more before it comes to print. Right now, I am filled with so… Continue Reading “Pentecost, a Broken Arm, and Babies!”

Baby Planning, Not Planning, Pregnancy, and Living Open

Family planning for the Christian couple has many challenges. It’s not a simple thing, and it ultimately has to do with opening your heart to the work of being a family, big or small. The infertile couple, the overly fertile couple, the couple that… Continue Reading “Baby Planning, Not Planning, Pregnancy, and Living Open”

Exercise, My Love and Hate Relationship

 It is really easy to say I love to exercise after I am finished working out. Before that, I can say I’d rather go to the dentist, peel potatoes, vacuum the sofa….well just about anything other than exercising. It’s not my favorite thing to… Continue Reading “Exercise, My Love and Hate Relationship”

Let the Search Begin! Tales from the Recipe Hunter…

When I do my grocery shopping, I go alone, I go early, with reusable bags, and a list in hand. I go through and inventory what I already have beforehand, and take note of upcoming events on my calendar so that I have what… Continue Reading “Let the Search Begin! Tales from the Recipe Hunter…”

Homeschooling, How Do You Do It? @Maria Goretti Children’s School…

To be perfectly honest, I never planned on homeschooling. I sent my eldest and second born to our neighborhood co-op preschool, and my eldest to a lovely charter school for Kindergarten. What I found was, the standards that the school had for their youngest students was… Continue Reading “Homeschooling, How Do You Do It? @Maria Goretti Children’s School…”