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Free to be ME for the New Year….

A wonderful concept, to be free, actually uninhibited by anything or anyone. Dream with me…………..a canteen of coffee with just the right amounts of sugar and cream, under a tree in a warm meadow, with no one to bother, a great book, and several… Continue Reading “Free to be ME for the New Year….”

Easier Said than Done

 I have been trying to find the words to tell you about Jacques Phillipe and the Christ the King Women’s retreat for quite some time now. If you know me at all, you know that I am rarely at a loss for words. So although… Continue Reading “Easier Said than Done”

Neighborly Love

There is much to say on this topic, and as I’m sure you’ve heard, Pope Francis is driving it home that it isn’t ok to simply isolate ourselves in a Christian Catholic Bubble, circle the wagons, and take cover. Much more is expected of… Continue Reading “Neighborly Love”

Big Family Friendly Reviews: Baby Bliss Giveaway! (leave a comment at the bottom of this post for a chance to win)!

Baby Bliss & Kids 137 East Main Street Northville, Michigan 48167  (248) 344-0001 If you ever find yourself looking frantically for that perfect gift for a baby shower, or you have a special child in your life that you want to treat to something really beautiful, look… Continue Reading “Big Family Friendly Reviews: Baby Bliss Giveaway! (leave a comment at the bottom of this post for a chance to win)!”

Home and Schooling and Varmin, and Miracles, and Lots of Books

The reality sets in this time of year, doesn’t it? There is always more on the list than can actually be accomplished in the time we have… the thrill of everything finally starting up with fall, is fading. But there is still all those… Continue Reading “Home and Schooling and Varmin, and Miracles, and Lots of Books”

Delicious Recipe IV Tempeh and Egg Rolls

The magic thing about tempeh is it’s a lot like meat- high in protein and very versatile, this time I literally fried it for two minutes on a high pan then placed in in a crock pot with a jar of store bought curry… Continue Reading “Delicious Recipe IV Tempeh and Egg Rolls”

Delicious Recipes III – Triple Layer Lagasna

This wonderful adventure we call “fall” – oh boy can it knock you out?! It is absolute chaos sometimes with homeschooling, trying/failing keeping the house clean, sports, music, catechism, and everything combined with my honeys busy schedule…woa! I know you’re right there with me… Continue Reading “Delicious Recipes III – Triple Layer Lagasna”

Delicious Recipes II ~ Veggie Lovers

There has been a request, and you know I aim to please, so here you are Emily M!! This is what I made this week, very simple, and yet, the kids and the parents enjoyed it. That is success for me, when the family… Continue Reading “Delicious Recipes II ~ Veggie Lovers”

Five Stars for Little Caesars- Stadium, Ann Arbor

Pizza Pizza! After a harried day of errands, with several of my family members howling with hunger, I stopped into Little Caesars on Stadium in Ann Arbor, out of sheer desperation. I wasn’t prepared for the awesomeness I encountered there. After ordering, the guy… Continue Reading “Five Stars for Little Caesars- Stadium, Ann Arbor”

To: Stay-at-Home Mother

I know you are all with me. It’s a mind game, this whole mothering thing. We are with them alllll day and the next and the next and the next, and it’s our fault if the place looks trashed, so we work pretty hard… Continue Reading “To: Stay-at-Home Mother”