One of our failed projects for this year, our garden really didn’t work well, partly because of weather, partly because I was preoccupied!

This is what I really do all day!

This is what I really do all day!

Breastfeeding is the bain of my existance, but I love it. I love love love it and I hate it. If you have ever nursed a toddler, you know what I mean. Most days it’s the most blessed thing on the face of the earth, it’s the cure for sadness, tiredness, a bad bonked head, or simple hunger. And it makes everyone happy. Everone that is, well, under your own roof- the rest of the people in the world, that is another story! I once had a very kind teacher at the park near our house ask me to stop nursing my baby, because the children on the playground were giving me “eyes!” What?! Really?? I told her to have them come over and look, to see what breasts really are for. They are here to feed babies. And that is that. Tell me your wild and crazy breastfeeding story!

Hello world!

Hi all!

This is a fun and silly blog written by me, Jenny Jenny, to share my perspective on life as a stay at home homeschooling mama to seven. I want to inspire and excite those that need encouragement on those tough days! We all need suppport and encouragement and I hope to be a little of that for someone. I am working on several creative projects, childrens books, and a grown-up book, too:  chronicles of mothers who have gone before me, have adult children, and managed to stay mentally stable throughout it all. I also want to share some cards I make with you all.

Happy days, and God Bless you all!  ~jennyjenny genesis