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Fantastic Camping Tips & Foods

We all know how to barbeque, and that’s a darn good thing! It can make a fast dinner and is generally uncomplicated, however, is it always time to barbeque when camping? The short answer is no, because for me and my crew – we… Continue Reading “Fantastic Camping Tips & Foods”

Thirty Five, Surprises, and Fun, Fancy NAILS!

There are many things a woman wants for her birthday. I know a many women, and really we all want the same thing- right? We would like to be spoiled and left alone at the same time. We want to sleep in AND have… Continue Reading “Thirty Five, Surprises, and Fun, Fancy NAILS!”

Five Stars for Little Caesars- Stadium, Ann Arbor

Pizza Pizza! After a harried day of errands, with several of my family members howling with hunger, I stopped into Little Caesars on Stadium in Ann Arbor, out of sheer desperation. I wasn’t prepared for the awesomeness I encountered there. After ordering, the guy… Continue Reading “Five Stars for Little Caesars- Stadium, Ann Arbor”