Big Family Friendly Reviews

There are so many things you can do with your crew, and there are so many things that you simply can’t. There are too few WONDERFUL options for outings and I find myself pondering, what is it that I would do, if it was made possible?
For one thing I would GO OUT more in general. I would not be as afraid to be seen. I would let the negative comments and stares fly off my back with glittery wings! I wouldn’t care so much. But I do. And I will be perfectly honest here: I seek comfort. I want a pleasant family trip to go smoothly, with as little drama as possible.
Which has led to a tiny dream I’ve been working on, “Big Family Friendly Reviews!” I will be posting about old and new ANYTHING THAT WORKS for larger sized groups of people of multiple sizes and ages.
I am super excited to begin interviewing tomorrow, and will post immediately if not sooner anything that comes across my laptop of suggested good places to take the walking circus….so that means you. What good ideas do you have to share?
My basic requirements are very simple:
relatively inexpensive, but I would honestly pay a few more dollars for great service!
within a reasonably close radius to Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area, you know what the big van can cost you in gas, before you even begin an outing 🙂
easy to eat. they accept picnicking, they don’t frown on toddlers eating while walking…the food is somewhat healthy, somewhat affordable, and there is somewhere provided to sit. For a lot of people.
washrooms close by, and call me picky….but I don’t even like to go to a park with out at least a porta-john anymore! Inevitably, someone has to go, and we are either (embarrassingly) peeing in the bushes, or running home too soon.
good atmosphere for the youngins, I know I know, we can’t control other people! But have you noticed the swearing that goes on at that on park where all the basket ball players hang out? I’m just saying. I have a potty mouth and I can’t be around it. It would negatively influence me.
that something special– what is it that draws your family back here again and again? Is it worth the cost of a membership? Do they charge per kid after 4 kids? Is there a special deal for homeschoolers, or at a specific time of the year?


little caesars
Little Caesars
1944 West Stadium Boulevard
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104
(734) 665-8621

* * * * *
Five stars for accessibility and wonderful service, not to mention meeting all of the Big Family Friendly Criteria! What a joy it is to have good food, fast, inexpensive, and distributed by a warm caring person! Family run, and with a fantastic history, read the whole article on my home page.



Baby Bliss & Kids

137 East Main Street

Northville, Michigan 48167

 (248) 344-0001
* * * * *
Five Stars for wonderful warm service, the best products, and an amazing location. Make a day of seeing beautiful Northville, and don’t forget to support this great family by buying toys and accessories that will bless your kids, and last forever! Read more about the shop and the giveaway on my homepage!
Simply Sue’s Nail Spa
995 N. Mill Street
Plymouth, MI 48170
(734) 455-7484
* * * * * +
Five Plus Stars for wonderful warm staff, and a comfy cozy atmosphere to take my girls to get a mani/pedi!
Downtown Plymouth is close by with lots of great places to eat out, and hang out! Very satisfied with the level of spoilage they treated us to! Read the full article on my homepage!

Abel and I recently went to a VERY family friendly concert at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Scythian, which is a Celtic/World music band, and man were they ever good!!! There were all different ages of children there, and EVERYONE was dancing! Much to my pleasant surprise, my sister-in-law, Mary Tew has a cousin who is amazingly talented who opened for Scythian. I bought her CD, and I listen to it every day, and I’m not tired of it yet. My favorite song is Glad! if you get a chance, listen to and support this young, Catholic, and wow-that was wow, young lady!
Here she is: Miss Alanna Marie Boudreau!!!!!

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