Why Genesis?

Well, it’s kind of an inside joke I have with my family. My husbands name is Abel- which means “breath, ” a beautiful Hebrew Bible name, right?

My step son (19) is Adam, whose name means “the first,” but we like to call him the BOMB! You know the Atom Bomb?! Also a classic Hebrew name.Then come Judah (11), whose name means “praise,” as in the Lion of Judah- Jesus!! Straight from the Good Bible! Eva is next in line (9), and her name means “life giving,” a reference to Mary, the new Eve! Also directly from Scripture. Then Mira (7), a derivative of Mary, after our Blessed Mother, in particular: Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mira means many things in many languages, in Slovac it means “peace”, or so says my friend and pediatrician, and “look” in Spanish, and “wonderful” in Latin. Siah (5), after the Holy King Josiah, and means, “fire of GOD!” How cool is that, he was also born on the Feast of Saint Dominic, founder of the Rosary! Then little Cay- Cay, Cana (3), as in the Wedding at Cana- Christ’s first miracle! That is from the New Testament, but still way scriptural…Then the youngest is Anya (10 months), her name is after my grandmother, Stella, who is Ukrainian, her real name is Stephanya, so we chose to use the Anya part, a pet name for Anne or Anna, my confirmation name, YEA! Anne- the mother of MARY!
Needless-to-say, I have never really felt like my name “fit.” For one thing there are a bazillion Jenny’s, I remember trying to change the spelling of it to make it more unique, to no avail. It still sounds the same ( jeni, jen, jenn, jennie)booooooooring!
Why not call myself Genesis?
I think that works quite nicely.


5 Replies to “Why Genesis?”

  1. Genesis…. makes sense, do you have a brother, then you could claim Jen-e-sis or Jen his sis. By the way your Gandhi quote has another that goes with it, ” be the change you wish to see in the world.” profound !

    1. That is so silly! Yes, I have two brothers, both of them very special in their own way! I knew that quote from Ghandi, but did not know it was related, thanks, Jerry!

  2. how about…. Jenesis just starts with Jen but has the enesis at the end 😛

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