Pesto-Tomato Dream!


All the ingredients you would need to make this magical dinner are:
Tortillas (pick or make whatever kind your family likes, flour or corn work equally well!)
Tomato Paste
Pepperoni and other toppings
Shredded Russet Potato

Because our family is dairy-free we have been grating a potato for faux cheese, it works quite well, and it’s visually pleasing!


Here you see me using a vegetable peeler to potato-up our mini pizzas, behind me you can see a beautiful picture of Jesus, along with a letter of affirmation from my dear Austrian soul sista, Monay!! I read it everyday, and think to myself,’She’s right, I can DO IT!’

Spread some olive oil on a cookie sheet, preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and make up a bunch of these treats by putting a teaspoon each of pesto and tomato paste (more if you like !) In the center of each tortilla, smooth it out around the whole tortilla, being careful to spread it evenly, add any toppings that you wish, shred some potato on top- I promise it’s delish, and cook them for about 7 minutes, or until the bottom is just crispy and the potato on top begins to curl!


There you go! This is so simple, and much cheaper than ordering a pizza! Also if you are gluten or dairy free, or even vegan, this is very easy to customize for your particular needs. I hate giving up foods I love just to be healthy, and I hate eating foods that taste bad! Here you get tons of flavor and it can be free of allergens. Double bonus, win/win! And Big Hugs to Mary Tew for being so good to say I make good food,


your encouragement is so heartfelt and genuine! I love you!

6 Comments on “Pesto-Tomato Dream!

  1. I’m trying this, first chance I get. Thank you, Jen, for the inspiration.

  2. you can do it, indeed – you even outdo yourself many times! very slick recipe —– ❤ you!!!! tons….

    • Thanks Monay, I love my affirmation letter, it really does make my day, a lot of days, and I don’t know about out-do, maybe OVER do! oxox

    • Yes, we like this one, and sometimes we do a Mexican version with refried beans and and a fried egg on top. It’s soooo good! Sent from my Kyocera Rise

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